Our Story

We met 6 years ago and instantly bonded over books, baking, and bad jokes (plus love for puppy dogs and travel!). We love to walk on the beach, sing in the car, and solve world problems over tea. We had so much fun making doughnuts one day, and had such a demand from friends and family, that we decided to start a little pop-up project. We hope you love our plain & simple homemade doughnuts - we do!


A multi-talented, genius of a kick-ass lady, who excels in all things baking, cooking, crafting and finance! Supporter of agriculture, book lover, and all-around food obsessive.


Less talented but more pushy, Mandy loves to bake and learn things from Sarah and push her into crazy collaboration ideas. Can be found reading a book, watching baseball or hockey depending on the season, or traveling.